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MN Insurance Agents · Pinnacle Insurance Agency of Minnesota

Taking measures to protect your house and vehicle is an important part of maintaining peace of mind when you are on the road or have invited guests into your home. The challenge is finding the right policy to address your concerns and needs in Minnesota. In general, Pinnacle insurance agents can help you find the right protection for your situation and your goals.

Auto Coverage

Minnesota is a no-fault state, so the auto insurance that you are required to purchase will include liability protection, no-fault coverage and under-insured motorist plans. Additional auto insurance depends on your personal needs and goals, so Pinnacle insurance agents can help you find the right policy to address your concerns. An agent will explain the options so that you can finalize a plan that is appropriate for your situation and your goals.

Home Policies

A home insurance policy that can address your concerns will depend on the situation. For example, you may want to buy a basic plan or you may want to add protection for specific items that you keep in the house. As a general rule, home insurance should offer protection against common threats and liability concerns. Additional coverage may be necessary if you are concerned about flooding or similar risks, since some plans may not cover the risk of flooding or certain types of damage.

There are several policies that can protect your assets, so working with an agency can be an important part of avoiding any complications that may otherwise arise. To learn more about your options, contact us to talk to an agent today.