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Troy Thompson — Coach, Scout, Annual Review Master, Dish Washer

Phone: (763) 767-2323

Birthplace: Fridley, MN

Year signed with Pinnacle: 2010

Scouting Report: I graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 1999, selling books door to door for The Southwestern Company while in college and a few years after. It was the best training/experience of my life and much more important than my degree. Sold door to door for years after that with Comcast and Qwest. I consider myself super lucky to have been able to learn and sell insurance with my dad Mike Thompson for many years until he retired. I still go door to door selling insurance to this day, many times with my kids!

Favorite Movie: Top Gun

Favorite Band/Singer: Blink 182

Favorite MN. Restaurant: Chipolte

Favorite MN. Sports Team: Vikings

Off-season Hobbies: Coaching kid’s sports teams, Long-Boarding, Cooking (Blue Apron has been a game-changer)


Sarah Thompson, Chief of Operations

Phone: (763) 767-2323

Birthplace: Forest Lake, MN.

Year signed with Pinnacle: 2015

Scouting Report: After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Human Resources; I partnered with several companies advising and resolving a variety of HR topics for about 10 years. When I signed onto Pinnacle, I obtained my P&C license, but mostly handle HR, finances, and operations. I am lucky to have a great balance of work and family, which we strive for all our employees to have here at Pinnacle.

Favorite movie: Christmas Vacation

Favorite band/singer: Pit Bull & 80's

Favorite MN restaurant: Stanley’s & 1029

Favorite MN sports team: Any team other than the Vikings (just to spite my husband)

Off-season hobbies: Cooking, weight-training, (who am I kidding…I have a 5 and 6-year-old, who has time for hobbies?!)


Al Ancheta, Sales


Phone: 763-767-2323

Birthplace: Paranaque, Manila, Phillippines

Year signed with Pinnacle: 2013

Scouting Report: I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1978 and became and insurance agent in 1986.  In my vast experience in the business, I’ve seen a lot of interesting and sometimes, weird situations that I use to help clients with their insurance needs.  My focus is on commercial insurance and I truly enjoy helping people get the best coverage for the best value.  I love my family and golf and try to carve out as much time as I can for both.

Favorite movie: The Big Lebowski

Favorite band/singer: Johnny Cash

Favorite MN restaurant: Any Chinese buffet

Favorite MN sports team: Vikings & The Wild are a close 2nd.

Off-season hobbies: What off season?


Chris Kohler, Agency Manager


Phone: (763) 767-2323

Birthplace: Fridley, MN.

Year Signed with Pinnacle: 2016

Scouting Report: Graduated from Kennedy High School, went to Normandale Community College and various other classes. I worked for Pier One which gave me hands on experience with working with customers on a personal level. It really taught me to work with clients and finding out what they really are looking for and that has always stayed with me. I started working for an independent agency back in 1999 and I’ve worked in the insurance business ever since and have really enjoyed it. Giving customers options and providing them with exceptional service.

Favorite Movie: Hunt For The Red October

Favorite band/singer: The Eagles

Favorite MN restaurant: Red Lobster

Favorite MN sports team: Vikings

Off-season hobbies: Gardening, decorating, car shows


Bree Dagel, Sales


Phone: (763) 767-2323

Birthplace: Born and raised here in good ole Minnesota!

Year Signed with Pinnacle: 2015

Scouting Report: I began my new career with Pinnacle in 2015 and was licensed by 2017. Working here has been the best decision for myself and my family. I now have more time with my family on nights and weekends. Spending time with my family is one of my favorite past times. My husband and I are constantly busy with our kids sporting events and other family get togethers. It’s been a great few years here and I look forward to many more!

Favorite Movie:Action and Comedy

Favorite band/singer: Classic Rock

Favorite MN restaurant: Willy McCoy's

Favorite MN sports team: Go Vikings!

Off-season hobbies: Spending time with family/friends, beach bumming, crafting and working out at the gym.


Lea Lindhe, Service


Phone: (763) 767-2323

Birthplace: Coon Rapids MN

Year Signed with Pinnacle: 2017

Scouting Report:I came to Pinnacle Insurance November 2017. Prior to Pinnacle Insurance, I worked retail at Menard’s as a manager. I live in Otsego with my husband, Tom and our son, Hunter. Hunter keeps us busy with Baseball, Basketball and the Rogers Royals fishing team.

Favorite Movie:Hallmark Christmas movies

Favorite band/singer: Country

Favorite MN restaurant: Chipolte

Favorite MN sports team: Vikings

Off-season hobbies: Hanging with family and friends


Jack Hunninghake, Sales


Phone: (763) 767-2323

Birthplace: Eden Prairie, MN.

Year Signed with Pinnacle: 2019

Scouting Report: I currently attend University of Iowa where I’m double majoring in Human Physiology and Business Management. I jumped at the opportunity to work at Pinnacle Insurance and instantly knew the culture here was special. Being surrounded by such friendly, knowledgeable professionals has taught me so much my first year in the insurance industry. Now being licensed, I am eager to help as many people as I can by giving the best service possible and of course, saving them money. I am excited to continually grow with Pinnacle and add to the amazing culture you won’t find anywhere else.

Favorite Movie: Miracle

Favorite band/singer: Alan Jackson

Favorite MN restaurant: Baker's Ribs

Favorite MN sports team: Vikings & Wild

Off-season hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Pumping Iron




Phone: (763) 767-2323

Birthplace: Pakistan

Year signed with Pinnacle: 2021

Scouting Report: I come from a diverse academic background of Sciences, Accounting & Finance. I find it thrilling to explore new interests and hence, meshed with the Service Team of Pinnacle Insurance MN back in June 2021. My work boosts my confidence and pushes me to do right by myself and the people around me.

Favorite Movie: Mulan 1998

Favorite Band/Singer: Coldplay

Favorite MN. Restaurant: Whichever gives free donuts.

Off-season Hobbies: LOLing in an amusement park or binge watching my favorite shows/vlogs while snacking.




Phone: (763) 767-2323

Birthplace:  Islamabad, Pakistan

Year signed with Pinnacle: 2022

Scouting Report: I graduated from Szabist University with a bachelor’s in Social Sciences and got a job at Pinnacle Insurance within 2022. Working at Pinnacle has shown me the importance of a healthy and fun working environment, I like having the freedom to learn something new and having the space to experiment and fail but still have my actions supported with appreciation and regard. My co-workers are a delight to work with, they make coming to work enjoyable and what is better than having a job you enjoy!

Favorite Movie: Hard to choose but perhaps Notebook

Favorite Band/Singer: I like music in general, so it’s hard to choose one

Favorite MN. Restaurant: Once I’ve tried them all, I’ll let ya know.

Favorite Sports Team: All of them

Off-season Hobbies: Painting, yoga, travelling and spending time with family, friends, and my cats




Phone: (763) 767-2323

Birthplace: Karachi (Pakistan)

Year signed with Pinnacle: Jan 2021

Scouting Report: I graduated from Bahira University in 2017 with a degree in Business Administration. I majored in Marketing and have worked in multiple industries since then. I started working in insurance with Pinnacle and my focus here is on Quoting. I love to travel, exploring new places with new people.

Favorite Movie: Into the wild

Favorite Band/Singer: Avenged Sevenfold

Off-season Hobbies: Gaming


Jason Johns


Phone: (763) 676-2323

Birthplace: Tampa, FL

Year signed with Pinnacle: 2022

Scouting Report:I have been in insurance for the last decade, and for many that seems like 100 years. I enjoy connecting with my customers and providing the best service I can. It is a good day if I’m able to help someone and make a new friend.

Favorite Movie: That is tough, A Knights Tale or Gladiator

Favorite Band/Singer: OAR

Favorite MN restaurant: IHOP

Favorite MN sports team: Vikings

Off-season Hobbies: Camping, Traveling and spending time with my family. Taking in a sports game from time to time




Phone: (763) 767-2323

Birthplace: Chicago

Year signed with Pinnacle: Jan 2022

Scouting Report:I grew up all over as a kid in multiple states. Have spent most of my adult life living in Oak Grove with my wife and two kids. I came to Pinnacle Insurance with a large background in customer service. I come from a plumbing and hvac background, helping homeowners find solutions to their problems. Love vacationing with my family, whether its northern Minnesota or the Florida Keys.

Favorite Movie: Tommy Boy

Favorite Band/Singer: Ghost

Favorite Restaurant: Baldamar

Favorite MN sports team: Twins

Off-season Hobbies: Working at a haunted attraction

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