Home Improvements: DIY or Hire a Pro?

Home improvements can raise the standard and value of your Coon Rapids, MN home. If you have handyman experience, you may even be able to tackle small remodeling jobs on your own, saving substantially on labor costs. Before deciding on a renovation project, be sure to consult with your agent at Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN concerning insurance protection for your home improvement jobs.  Here are a few tips to help you determine whether to go the DIY route or hire a pro:

Evaluate Your Handyman Skills

Assess your handyman experience and skills in relation to the job(s) you want done. Are you fully capable of completing a project on your own? At the same time, consider whether you can put in the time and labor required to get the job done taking into account work and family obligations. You may decide to stick with small home improvement projects and hire a pro for major renovations to your home. Complicated projects involving electrical or plumbing upgrades are best handled by professionals to ensure they comply with building codes in your area.

Count the Cost

A DIY project will cut back on labor costs only if the job is done right. If you make mistakes, it could cost you, even more, to have the job redone. By shopping around for a contractor and getting multiple quotes, you can reduce labor costs without compromising on quality workmanship. A contractor can also get reduced prices for materials on major renovation jobs. If you have time, you can always volunteer to do some of the work such as cleaning and clearing to offset construction costs.

Once your work is done, don’t forget to update your insurance from Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN to ensure you have adequate coverage for your newly upgraded Coon Rapids, MN home.  

Recent Auto Insurance Updates

Different federal, state, and local laws and regulations are changing practically every year, even when it comes to auto insurance. And with the consumers’ busy schedules, it’s easy to overlook important, recent updates regarding auto insurance. With that being said, the following are recent auto insurance updates:

  • Registration or Transferring Ownership– some Minnesotans have already found this out the hard way when they were registering a vehicle or transferring ownership last year. However, for many residents who don’t know, it is now required to have proof of insurance when registering a vehicle or transferring ownership. The policy number, the policy number’s expiration date, and the insurance company’s name must be shown to renew the tabs.  
  • Autocycle Bill-  this bill defines a cross between an automobile and a motorcycle as an auto cycle. Governor Dayton signed the bill last May allowing operators to drive them without requiring the driver’s license to have a motorcycle endorsement. The auto cycle has a steering wheel, seats side by side, and foot pedals.
  • Amended No-Fault Rules-  in July 2016, Rule 39 of the Minnesota Rules for No Fault Insurance Arbitration Procedures was amended by the Minnesota Supreme Court. This amendment became effective on September 1, 2016.  This rule concerns various administrative and other fees.


To find out more about new insurance regulations and how it can affect you, contact Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN today. Located in Coon Rapids, MN,  Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN has highly trained and experienced agents standing by to assist with all your insurance needs. And even though they are located in Coon Rapids, MN, they do serve surrounding areas as well.

Play Ball: How One Homeowner Started A Soccer Tournament In His Backyard And The Consequences To His Home Insurance

A Friendly Neighborhood Pick-Up Game Gone Wrong

Nothing we cherish more here in Coon Rapids, MN as much as family, friends and fun. The kind staffers at Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN want to add one more thing to that list – and that is good ole responsibility. Come in today to find out how your agent can make your home insurance fall in line with everything on your list. A pick up game of any type is fun but having the question of how to protect your home checked off of your responsibility list can be joyful as well. One less thing to worry about homeowner.  

The concrete mixer was the dead giveaway. Typically you don’t see that type of thing unless there is new construction going on. No the home was fairly new but the neighbors didn’t want to assume that there was something amiss. A couple of weeks later it seemed that the cars were lined up around the block every single Saturday and Sunday afternoon. A gander at the back of the home when a neighbor needed a petition signed spelled out what was going on all along – a soccer tournament replete with concrete mini-stadium seating!

That was the last game ending the season forever. A player was hurt and when they sued the homeowner the ball was out of the bag for good.   

If you are in Coon Rapids, MN Come in today to receive a quote or learn about the many different types of insurance we offer. If you live a distance away Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN may still serve your area, call us today so we can find out together how we can serve all of your insurance needs. 

Why Doesn’t Car Insurance Cover Maintenance?

In Coon Rapids, MN, automotive insurance is mandatory. At Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN, we strive to offer policies that meet requirements, provide the protection you want and don’t run up an excessive bill. During the process, many drivers end up frustrated when their policies don’t help them with the regular wear and tear associated with driving. After all, most healthcare plans cover doctor visits, right? Why can’t the same be true for your car?


The major rationalization for not covering regular maintenance with insurance is that it’s already covered by warranties. These are just as varied as insurance policies, but in most cases it’s possible to get at least some financial assistance with maintenance, upkeep and worn parts through a warranty. It’s also usually the first place you should check if maintenance is getting a little too pricey.


Warranties can be helpful, but that still doesn’t fully answer the question. The bulk of it comes down to premiums. Insurance basically works by getting people to pool their money together to help with unexpected problems. This is true for auto, homeowners, health and all other kinds of insurance. With cars, the biggest unexpected problems come from accidents and theft, and that is what most policies aim to cover. It is possible to cover maintenance, but that would require a much larger pool to cover. In raw numbers, the entire U.S. spends about $871 billion each year on car accidents. That’s a lot, and insurance kicks in for the majority of those cases. Maintenance, if typically covered, would add another $100 billion each year. That money has to come from somewhere, and it would likely be in premium hikes. Since there are cheaper ways to cover maintenance, most insurance policies avoid it to save you money.

Repairs That Are Covered

There are times when repairs tend to be covered. In the case of car accidents, that’s why liability exists, but if you are at fault, the damage happens when your car is stolen or the person at fault is not covered, you may want a policy that still takes care of you. That is where plans like collision coverage, comprehensive coverage or uninsured driver coverage can save you. There are also atypical cases where a policy will account for regular maintenance. For most consumers it’s a more expensive route than warranties or out-of-pocket payments, but for some business models it makes sense. If you think a maintenance policy might be what you need, you can talk to your Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN agent to see what might be available for drivers in Coon Rapids, MN.

Biggest Auto Insurance Myths

Auto insurance is something you need to have if you are going to be driving a vehicle in Coon Rapids MN. However, there are many different myths about auto insurance that people think are accurate. You do not want to get into any trouble because you thought something was true that was not. These are some of the biggest myths about auto insurance to be aware of.

You Can Not Report Accidents to Keep your Rates the Same

While this may seem like a good idea in theory, even if you do not report an accident to your insurance, they will still find out about it and your rates may increase. If you get into an accident with another driver, they will likely report it and it will be added to your driver history. Also, when you get a ticket, this can increase your rates and will automatically be added to your driving record.

Credit Ratings Don’t Impact Rates

Many people think that your credit score cannot be used to help determine your insurance rates. However, this is not true, These can be used to determine how likely you will be to pay and they can directly impact your insurance rates.

There are many other auto insurance myths that circulate around and you do not want to be caught without a policy because of one. If you are looking for one, Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN, serving Coon Rapids MN, help you in finding the perfect policy for you. They will help you find one that meets the state requirements, meets your needs, and fits within your budget. Be sure to reach out to Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN today to get the process started, whether you currently have a good auto insurance policy in place or not.

The Importance of a Roof Inspection in the Spring

It is recommended by roofing companies that you have your roof inspected in the fall, before the rain and cold weather hits, and again in the spring, after the ice has thawed away. However, you may find yourself wondering if you really need two inspections a year. Here are a few reasons why having your roof inspected in the spring is important.

Catches Damage Done in the Winter Months

There are many weather elements that can be damaging to your roof during the winter months. Ice can form on your roof, snow can weigh the roof down, and rain can seep under your roofing materials. Having your roof inspected after the winter months helps you to catch any problems that were caused by the cold temperatures. This gives you the opportunity to have repairs made before further damage is done due to spring rains.

Allows Repairs to Be Made When the Weather is Nice

The other advantage to having an inspection done in the spring is that you are able to have repairs made when the weather is nice. If you only have your roof inspected in the fall, it can be challenging to have repairs made before poor weather hits. If damage is noted, a professional can make repairs when it is sunny and nice out.

Many home insurance policies will deny a home insurance claim if they feel the damage is caused by you failing to maintain your home. If you have questions about what your home insurance policy covers or what is protected, Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN, serving the greater Coon Rapids, MN area, can help answer your questions. Call us now to schedule an appointment to review your policy or put together a new one.

Why Your Auto Insurance Policy May Need Your Attention

Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN has been helping people get the coverage they need in Coon Rapids, MN for years, but we also know just how much people would rather not think about auto insurance. And we understand why. We deal in a tricky business, where we ask you to think about terrible things that may happen to your vehicle. However, we’ve also seen too many people left in the cold when they pick the cheapest policy possible, and then forget about it. 

Most People Don’t Have the Right Coverage 

Unless you’ve planned for every contingency, you likely don’t have the best protection possible. This doesn’t mean paying more every month than your actual car cost you, but it may mean making an investment now that eventually benefits you many more times over later on. Liability may seem like the best choice for you if you’re driving a car that’s held together by sheer force of will, but it may also mean that you’re left to rely on your friends and family to get to work if your car is severly damaged. Or you may find that your liability has limits to the amount of damage it will pay for, and that you’re responsible for making up the difference.

Taking Some Time

Sometimes it helps to devote a part of your afternoon to going through your coverage if you haven’t seen or thought about if or a while. And Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN may be able to help. We serve those of Coon Rapids, MN to ensure that everyone stays safe on the road — both physically and financially. Saving is never easy, so you don’t want it all wiped out in the blink of an eye. If you want to discuss your policy or if you’re looking for new coverage then give us a call today to see how we can protect you regardless of the dangers out there. 

Preventing Water Damage in Your Home

Even though you may have the best of intentions in your home, there are some things that you may be doing that can cause issues for you later that can be very costly. One of those things that people always want to avoid is water damage. No matter how big or small, it can be expensive and time consuming to clean up and if there are ways to prevent it, you want to take advantage of it in Coon Rapids, MN. Use these tips from Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN to help prevent water damage in your home. 

  • Never pour grease down your kitchen sink. Even if you have already heard this before and use hot or cold water to get it down, you still never want to do this. It can cause build up and eventually a blockage that can lead to burst pipes. Find another way to get rid of your grease so you can avoid water damage later.
  • Watch your water bill. You likely know what you can expect to pay on a monthly basis for water so if you see and increase and you have not increased your water usage, you should have your pipes inspected. Usually this means there is a small leak but that can easily turn into a big one so catching it early is key. 
  • Be careful where you plant things. It may not be an issue now but if you have underground pipes, make sure you plant far enough away from those so roots cannot cause a pipe break. 

Other than using these tips, the other thing you want to do is have a great home insurance policy. Whether you already have one or not, be sure to contact Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN, serving Coon Rapids, MN, for a free quote today. 

The perils of distracted driving

The government’s web page on distracted driving points out that 3,179 people were killed, and more than 431,000 were injured as a result of distracted driving in 2014. Those figures place the problem second only to drunk driving, which killed 9,967 people during the same year, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

The leading causes of distracted driving include texting, talking on a mobile phone, adjusting an electronic device such as a car radio or CD player, eating or drinking, or even watching a video. The things that some people will do when they should be paying attention to the road can be mind numbing.

Operating a nearly two-ton motor vehicle at speeds up to 65 miles an hour on the road with other vehicles is no joke. Often things happen on the road that requires split-second reactions to avoid. The act of taking one’s attention off the road even for a second can lead to a crash that will render your vehicle a twisted mass of metal and you and your passengers mangled flesh, dead or seriously injured.

To avoid distracted driving Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN serving  Coon Rapids, MN  suggests a couple of common-sense procedures.

Have a passenger attend to fiddling with electronics, including using the phone, texting people, and adjusting the radio, CD player, or GPS. Anyone who calls you while you are on the road can wait to speak to you directly when you have reached your destination. If the call is urgent, pull over to the side of the road.

Do not eat, drink, watch a video, or do anything that distracts you from driving. It can wait.

For more information on auto insurance visit Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN serving Coon Rapids, MN

Understanding Home Insurance in Coon Rapids

Home insurance is just one of the things you have to buy for your house in Coon Rapids, MN, along with furniture and a new blender. But home insurance is a much more important purchase than another end table or an extra toilet brush for the upstairs bathroom. Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN wants you to have more information when it comes to understanding home insurance. 

A Resource for the Community 

Home insurance helps keep the houses on your block from becoming run-down, much the same way a fresh coat of paint or a new door might do. Broken windows from vandalism or the last big blizzard can be replaced right away, giving everyone who passes by an impression that this neighborhood is full of people who pay attention to what happens on the block. Maintained homes can keep criminals at bay because they get the rightful sense that their behavior is likely to be noticed by those who care about safety and order.

It’s Up to You

Home insurance is all about what you want — if you don’t want to insure your second-hand furniture you received from your Aunt when you first moved in, then you don’t have to. This is about finding a policy that works for you, and ensuring that its clauses are tailored to fit your needs. There are so many threats out there that you’ll want to consider, though, meaning you should really talk to an expert. If you’re looking to update or renew your home insurance in Coon Rapids, MN, then our agency is full of people who are happy to help. If you want to ask us questions or merely request a quote, then give Pinnacle Insurance Agency of MN a call today to see how we can help.